State of Emergence is a creative communications studio.

We specialise in producing communication solutions in new and conventional media through understanding your brand and engaging your audience. Our integrated services include strategy consulting, design, website development and interactive marketing.

Our approach underscores the belief that innovative design creates immersive experiences for your users. We help you to reach your objectives, achieve your goals, and execute your plans.
Most importantly, at State of Emergence we love the challenge of what we do. We believe your audience will too.



Most of the projects that State of Emergence has been busy with for the last few months have long gestation periods. We'll add them as soon as they gain life.

We have been working with Ogilvy on various brands, including IBM, American Express and BT (amongst others).

We have also been involved with Contra working on Nokia projects

Happy Happy 2005! After a good break we're ready to take on the year.

We left off 2004 with the last ever Sunday Times The Month CD-ROM with a bang - The Incredibles! Thanks to all of those involved: The Sunday Times, unit9, Plan-b Studio, We Like Nice Things and everyone else:

the project was nominated for BIMA 2004.

Our latest project has been exciting - working alongside unit9 to create the website for game WRC4 (World Rally Championship) for Sony Playstation

You can view the website HERE

State of Emergence is featured in a Diesel creative initiative called Lost Paradise.

>> View Rory's piece.

The citizens are currently being kept busy with a host of projects. This includes a collaboration with unit9 for Eidos and print work for the charity, Headway.

LOOK OUT for our latest Feature on the CD-ROM, THE MONTH, in the Sunday Times this coming Sunday, 28 March.

We've been working on a Valentines microsite and mailer for Anvil. Check it out HERE and send your Valentine the question.

Lo! And Behold. They have emerged. This is a small taste of things to come - we are busy with a more substantial version of the site. Our client work is taking preference so there's no fixed release date. Keep a look out.


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unit9 asked State of Emergence to help create the promotional website for Sony Playstation's World Rally Chamionship 4 game. Our objective was to emphasise the extreme nature of the WRC4 and broaden the appeal of the game. We made use of gritty graphics and animation to achieve the extreme visual effect. We also managed to improve our driving skills!

interactive design animation flash
>> view

We wanted to wish our clients a merry festive season and happy New Year with a personal touch. Instead of spending money on a print run, we bought gifts from Oxfam Unwrapped. These gifts included chickens, goats, radios, school desks and... a bicycle which would be donated to communities in developing countries. The extra touch of personalisation came when we brought out the scissors, pens and spraypaint as you did at the end of the school year. Each and every card was unique, but centred around the theme of the gifts. We hope you enjoyed your goat!

print illustration design promotion
>> view

“The Month” is the monthly entertainment CD-ROM that supplements the first week of every months edition of the Sunday Times. Viewers can find reviews, view exclusive interactive features, hear samples of album tracks, preview clips of the latest movies and games, as well as catch up on arts news. State of Emergence worked with unit9 on the CD-ROM feature using flash and animation skills to provide an entertaining and interactive experience for viewers. We worked on 6 issues, including Attack of the Toons, Master and Commander, Brian Wilson and Kurt Cobain, Festivals, Robbie Williams and the Incredibles

*Nominated for BIMA 2004

interactive CD-ROM design animation flash
view Championship Manager

Championship Manager has an enormous user fanbase throughout the world. State of Emergence worked closely with unit9 in creating a community portal for Eidos' Championship Manager. We were responsible for the art direction and design and the foundation html and CSS. It has only very recently been launched.

art direction design layout front end
view >>

Being a photographer's site, we aimed to create an unobtrusive Flash environment where the photographs were the focus. The images needed to be displayed at a decent size with as little compression as possible. Since download time would be compromised for such images, we developed a sequential preloader that would load images into the site whilst other images were being viewed. The content is easily updated as is necessary with a photographer's website. Since the site was built, the client has enjoyed exposure to a much wider audience.

flash design interactive
view >>

Swikiri is an online space for the promotion of African creativity and community. The entire conception of this project was created by individuals from State of Emergence (in collaboration with the community). Swikiri required a fully integrated design, development, marketing and promotional strategy to achieve its goals of exposing African creativity locally and internationally.

id branding strategy community copywriting
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Eurostar needed to transform their very successful print campaign onto the web in the form of banner ads which would appear on various high profile web portals. The banner ads, although maintaining their existing distinctive illustrative style, needed to enhance the creative campaign, be eye catching and convey the print campaign in an online medium. (done with unit9)

interactive marketing flash animation

Mossie Soppie is an animation project that we undertook to explore the idiosyncrasy of Africa as we know it. The idiom “one man's meat is another man's poison” is investigated when the tragic fate of a pair of “mossies” (a type of sparrow) turns out to be the good fortune of the roadside “sop” (soup) vender. It was important for us to capture the harsh reality in a humorous way.

animation narrative video

Monolith Media wanted a promotional campaign that would communicate its creative ambitions.

An interactive tongue-in-cheek postal strategy was devised and five illustrations were created to feature on postcards. These postcards would be sent in an envelope to potential clients and contacts and stamps would be included. The recipients were encouraged to explore their creativity and post the postcards to anyone (including themselves!) in protest to information overload.

print illustration interactive marketing copywriting
view Anvil website

Anvil Animation and Production needed to establish themselves as a major player in a very competitive market. The brief we were given by Anvil was to create a site that showcased their extensive portfolio. Since their client work is so varied, we decided that the site style needed to be subtle so as not to conflict with the portfolio work.

We also created a promo microsite for Valentines Day. > view here

id website flash interactive marketing
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